Bathroom and Bedroom

Perfume bottles, Hats, Bags, Mirrors, Alarm Clocks & more

Hand Bag large
Large rhinestone bag measuring approx. 3.5 x 2.5cm (excluding chain).
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Dressing Table Set
Ornate metal dressing table set, the tray measures approx. 32 x 22mm.
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Toothbrush Set
Small toothbrush wall rack and 4 toothbrushes, brushes measure approx. 19mm long.
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Jug and Bowl
Pretty jug and bowl set in white with floral design, jug is approx. 2.5cm high overall, bowl 2.7cm diameter across the top.
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Jug and bowl on metal stand. Overall size of stand is 6.5cm high x 5cm wide.
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Chamber Pots x 4
4 China potties in pink and blue design, each approx. 1.5cm high x 2cm diameter across the top.
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Bags x 6 (S)
Each approx. 20 mm wide x 10 to 15 mm high, with top rings for chain/thread. Can be opened, design may vary but all silver colour.
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Handbags x 3 (G)
3 Metal bags finished in a gold colour, non opening, measuring approx. 17 mm wide.
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Towels x 4
2 Pink and 2 blue towels, each unfolds to approx. 10 x 4.5cm.
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Jug and Bowl (B)
Jug and bowl set in white with twin rose design, jug is approx. 2.5cm high and bowl diameter across the top is approx. 3cm.
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Hair Dryer Set
Metal dressing table set with pale pink hair dryer (hollow on back), approx. 2.5cm overall, and brush, comb set in silver colour.
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Bathroom Set (B)
Blue towel, shaving set and 2 x toilet rolls, towel is approx. 10 x 5cm.
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Fans x 10 (D)
10 Metal fans finished in antique bronze colour, approx. 35mm x 22mm.
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Fans x 10 tiny (S)
10 Tiny metal fans finished in a silver colour, each approx. 24 x 15mm.
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Assorted Perfume Bottles x 5
5 Glass perfume bottles with lids. Includes 1 with flower and 4 others in assorted shapes, colours, selection may vary from photo. 2 to 3cm high.
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UK : 3.50

Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

Rest of the World : please request a shipping quote


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