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Horses x 2
2 Gold coloured metal horses, each approx. 38mm high x 20mm wide.
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Desk Fan
Metal desk fan measuring approx. 4cm high.
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Tray Table
Wooden table (fixed) measuring approx. 7cm high x 5 x 3.5cm measured at the top.
4.15 3.85 Add To Order
Widescreen TV
Resin widescreen TV measuring approx. 85mm wide x 57mm high overall.
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Stag Head x 2
2 Metal stags heads, each measures approx. 51 x 38mm overall.
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Stag Head x 2 (S)
2 Antlers/Stag heads, made from metal, finished in antique silver colour and measuring approx. 51 x 38 mm.
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Scissors x 10 stork (S)
10 metal scissors (non opening) each approx. 2.5cm long, excluding ring.
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Scissors x 20 (Br)
20 Pairs of metal scissors (non opening) finished in antique bronze and measuring approx. 28mm overall.
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Sewing Machine
Metal sewing machine measuring approx. 3cm wide x 2.5 cm high. Design/style may vary slightly.
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Sewing Box
Wooden sewing box, approx. 33 x 2mm x 20mm high, with opening drawer and contents (fixed).
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Scissors x 10 (B)
10 Metal scissors in traditional stork shape, non opening, measuring approx. 2.5 cms overall.
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Scissors x 10 (Br)
10 Pairs of scissors in bronze colour, non opening, each approx. 3 cms overall.
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Scissors x 20 (G)
20 Metal scissors in a gold colour, non opening and measuring approx. 25mm long.
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Needlework Tray
Wooden needlework tray with contents (fixed), approx. 40 x 37mm.
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Treadle Sewing Machine
Metal sewing machine approx. 6.5cm high x 6.5cm wide.
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Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

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