Cooking, tea Sets, Cutlery, Food, Bottles, Jars etc

Fruit Bowl
Resin bowl of fruit measuring approx. 2.5cm across.
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Bread Board and Bread
Breadboard with bread and knife (fixed) measuring approx. 4 x 2 cm.
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Baking Board
Wooden baking board approx. 5 x 4 cms, with contents glued on.
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Grocery Packets x 24
24 Assorted grocery packages, each approx. 18 x 12mm.
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Food Cans x 24
24 Assorted food cans, each approx. 1.5cms high.
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Cherry Cakes x 10 assorted
10 Resin cherry cakes in random assortment of colours, each approx. 15mm in diameter.
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Baguettes x 10
10 French sticks, made from resin and measuring approx. 25 mm long.
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Burgers x 6
6 Resin burgers, each approx. 11mm diameter x 7mm high.
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Jam Jars x 10 (Oct)
10 Solid resin jam jars in octagonal shape, in a random assortment of colours, each approx. 13mm high.
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Gingerbreadmen x 6 (hat)
6 Resin gingerbreadmen with hat/scarf. Each approx. 18mm high x 13mm wide.
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Cakes x 10 pink
10 Resin cakes in random assortment of pinks, each approx. 14mm high x 12mm diameter.
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Jellies x 10 Assorted
10 Jellies in a random selection of colours. Each is approx. 15mm in diameter and 10mm high.
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Swiss Rolls x 10
10 Resin cakes in a random assortment of colours, each approx. 18mm long x 9mm wide x 11mm high.
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Tray with Eggs
Plastic tray, approx. 4 x 4cm, with 16 resin eggs.
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Jams x 10 assorted
10 resin jam jars (solid) in a random assortment of colours, each approx. 14mm high.
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UK : 3.50

Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

Rest of the World : please request a shipping quote


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