Cooking, tea Sets, Cutlery, Food, Bottles, Jars etc

Jug & Tumblers (B)
Plastic jug and 4 tumblers, jug approx. 19mm high, tumblers 10mm.
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Cocktail Glasses x 4
4 Plastic cocktail glasses, each approx. 19mm high.
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Wine Glasses x 4 (F)
4 Plastic wine glasses each approx. 19mm high.
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Assortment S24
6 Metal trays.
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Assortment S7
An assortment of 10 mugs and cups as shown in photo.
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Assortment S8
13 Jars in amber/yellow colour with removable corks, in assorted sizes varying from 18 to 25mm excluding cork.
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Assortment S9
8 Glass jars with square base, in assortment of colours as shown, each approx. 23mm high excluding the cork (removable).
4.30 3.99 Add To Order
Assortment S10
8 Glass jars with plastic stopper, overall height is approx. 3cm.
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Assortment S11
7 Glass jars with square base, each appros. 23mm high excluding cork. Corks are removable.
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Assortment S12
5 Glass jars with cork and flat base, each approx. 22mm high excluding cork, 16mm diameter across the base.
2.29 2.25 Add To Order
Assortment S13
13 Glass jars with round, flat shape and removable corks. Assortment of styles as shown in photo, each approx. 2.5cm high excluding cork.
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Assortment S14
3 Glass jars with stoppers, approx. 2 x 2cm.
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Assortment S15
8 Small cuboid shaped glass jars with silver colour metal lid, approx. 21mm high overall.
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Assortment S16
An assortment of tiny glass jars and lids as shown, approx. 18 to 20mm high.
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Assortment S17
Big assortment of glass jars, 29 regular clear jars 18 to 20mm high, 1 lilac jar and 2 hexagonal jars. All with removable corks.
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UK : 3.50

Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

Rest of the World : please request a shipping quote


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