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Vacuum Cleaner modern
Resin modern style vacuum cleaner in one piece, approx. 8 cms high.
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Baskets Pair Blue
2 Plastic laundry baskets, one square & one round. Square basket measures approx. 1.5 x 1.5 inches across the top (4 x 4 cms).
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Ironing Board (P)
Wooden ironing board (fixed) in a pine colour and measuring approx. 10cms long x 7cms high.
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Washing up Bowl
Metal bowl, bowl diameter at top just over 1.5 inches, height just under 0.5 ins.
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Beer Mugs x 4
4 Plastic beer mugs, each approx. 15mm high.
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Tankards x 4 tiny
4 Tiny metal tankards each approx. 1cm high.
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Jug and 4 thin glasses
Glass jug with 4 tall thin 'shot' glasses, jug measures approx. 19 mm high, glasses 16 mm.
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Corkscrew x 5 large
5 Large metal corkscrews, each approx. 26mm high overall.
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Wine Bottles x 6 (G)
6 Green plastic wine bottles, each approx. 3.5 cms high.
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Bottles x 6
6 Plastic bottles, 3 red and 3 green, each approx. 3.5 cms high.
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Jug and Tumbler (O)
Glass jug and tumbler with orange, jug is approx. 21mm high.
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Tall Coffee x 2
2 Tall coffees in random assortment of colours which may vary from the photo, approx. 3cms high to top of straw.
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Beer Bottles x 6
6 Solid, plastic bottles each approx. 3.5 cms high.
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Bottles x 5 (O)
5 Plastic bottles in orange colour, measuring approx. 28mm high.
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Wine Glasses x 4
4 Plastic wine glasses, each approx. 15mm high.
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