Metal Teaset
Small teaset made of metal. The tray measures approx. 4.5 x 2.5 cms overall.
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S/15 Coloured Bottles
15 Assorted coloured resin bottles (selection may vary) each approx.30 mm high.
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20 Assorted Bottles Shapes
20 bottles, made from solid plastic, heights vary from 22 to 35 mm. Plain, for you to add your own labels.
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S/10 Metal Cups
10 Metal cups or goblets finished in an antique bronze colour and measuring approx. 33mm high.
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S/4 Wine Glasses
4 Plastic wine glasses each approx. 15mm high.
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S/12 Wines (col)
12 Wine bottles made from plstic and measuring approx. 35mm high, in one piece, ie non opening.
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Pair of Flagons
2 Flagons made from china, with removable corks and measuring approx. 33 and 37mm high including cork.
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S/6 Wine Bottles
6 Plastic wine bottles each approx. 3.5 cms high.
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6 Beer Bottles
6 Plastic bottles each approx. 3.5 cms high.
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S/11 Bottles
11 Plastic bottles, beer, wine, water etc, solid ie no moving parts, size approx. 25 to 35mm high.
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Orange Juice
Orange juice carton and beaker with spilled juice. Carton is approx. 2cms high.
1.65 1.59 Add To Order
S/6 Assorted Flasks
6 Glass flasks/bottles/vases in assorted colours. Colour selection may vary slightly from photo. Each approx. 18 to 20 mm high excluding cork.
3.25 3.20 Add To Order
S/10 Square Bottles Assorted
10 Real glass bottles, assorted colours (selection may vary from photo). Approx. 23 mm high excluding cork, x 12 mm wide at the base.
6.99 6.75 Add To Order
S/10 Bulbous Jars
10 Glass jars with bulbous shape, with removable corks. Measuring approx. 2 cms high.
4.99 4.95 Add To Order
20 Small Jars (G)
20 Very small glass jars with gold coloured metal lid, neck of the jar is rough, you may wish to glue it on. Approx. 18 mm high excluding lid.
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