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Tea set sweet pea
Porcelain tea set with sweet pea design, teapot overall height is approx. 35mm to top of lid.
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Jug and 2 Mugs
White plastic jug and mug set, jug is approx. 2cm high and mugs 1cm high.
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Milk Jug
China milk jug approx. 2.5cm high.
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Flagons x 2
2 Stoneware flagons with removable corks, approx. 2.5 to 3cm high (excluding cork).
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Cottage Teapot
Pretty cottage teapot with removable lid, approx. 32mm wide x 20mm high.
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Teapot large blue/white
Large porcelain teapot in blue & white, approx. 25mm wide x 20mm high excluding handle.
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Teapots x 10 (G)
10 Metal teapots in bright gold colour, hollow with hole in base, each approx. 12 mm high overall.
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Coffee Pot x 10 tiny
10 Tiny coffee pots in antique silver colour, each approx. 10mm high.
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Coffee Pot Set
Tiny coffee pot set, made from resin, coffee jug measures just 11mm high, with removable lid,
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Pair of Jugs
2 China jugs in white with blue rim & incised design, each approx. 2.5 cms high.
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Teapot Large silver colour
Large metal silver coloured teapot, removable lid. Approx. 2.5 cms high to top of handle. Handle is movable ie not in fixed position.
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Tea Pot brown
Brown china tea pot with removable lid, approx. 2cm high to top of lid.
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Tea set metal (P)
Metal tray, teapot jug and sugar pot (solid) finished in silver colour, tray measures approx. 4.5 x 3cms overall.
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Tea set metal (S)
Metal tea set (solid) with tray finished in silver colour, tray measures approx. 4.5 x 2.5cms.
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Teapots x 2 large
2 Large teapots with removable lids. Each approx. 27mm high to top of lid x 38mm wide overall.
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