Teddy Bears, Toys, Babies, Ducks, Bricks, Cars and more.

Rowing Boats x 5
5 Small resin boats, each approx. 35mm long x 20mm wide.
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Tiny metal robot in gold colour, approx. 2.5 cms high, flat, but will stand with a little gripwax or similar.
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Minibus x 3 assorted
3 Metal camper vans/minibus, each approx. 18mm long x 12mm high overall. Colours as shown.
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Sledge Small
Small wooden sledge measuring approx. 5.5 x 2.5 cms overall.
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Bricks x 100 assorted
Tiny 'lego' style bricks, a random assortment of colours, shapes and sizes, as a guide to side a 2 x 4 spot brick measures approx. 16mm x 8mm.
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Rocking Horse x 10 yellow
10 Small yellow plastic rocking horses, each approx. 3 x 3 cms.
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Mini Robots x 6
6 Mini Robots, each approx. 30 to 35 mm high, made from plastic, for nursery, toy store etc.
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Little Houses x 6 assorted
6 Tiny resin houses, approx. 18mm high x 14mm wide, in a random assortment of colours which may vary from photo.
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Rocking Horses x 2 tiny
Two tiny metal rockings horses with pink decoration, each approx. 25mm long x 28mm high.
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Metal carousel in gold colour with turqoise, white & brown enamel, & rhinestone decoration, approx. 4 cms overall.
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Bunch of 8 balloons (plastic) overall height about 16 cms. Balloon sizes vary from 2.5 to 3cms, in assorted colours.
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Baseboard large
Large baseboard for tiny bricks. Approx. 8 x 8cm. Random colour choice as available. Please email if you prefer a particular colour.
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Giraffe x 6
6 Resin giraffes with flat back in random assortment of colours, each approx. 3cm high.
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Fishing Net
Blue fishing net with wooden handle, net can be round or triangular, overall length 7.5cm.
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Mini Animals x 20
20 Animals in a random assortment of colours and designs, varying from 1.8 to 3cm.
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