Teddy Bears, Toys, Babies, Ducks, Bricks, Cars and more.

Baby Bibs blue
Approx. 80 fabric blue baby bibs on 2 yds length. Each bib approx. 20 x 15 mm.
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Baby Bottles Budget x 20
20 'Budget' plastic baby bottles, 10 with pink, 10 with blue, approx. 21mm high overall, with no base ie open at the bottom.
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Table and Chair set
Budget quality small table and chair set, table approx. 5cm high x 7cm diameter.
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Baby Mugs x 6
6 Metal baby mugs in antique silver colour and measuring approx. 7mm high.
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Skateboard, measures approx. 9.2cm long x 2.2cm wide. Available in various designs which may vary from photo.
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Assortment D8
Assortment of 5 resin baby bottles.
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Assortment D9
Assortment of 2 resin houses.
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Rocking Horse x 9 pink
9 Pink plastic rocking horses each approx. 3 x 3 cms.
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Assortment D10
Assortment of 10 cars, each approx. 2cm long as shown in photo.
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Assortment D11
Assortment of 8 tiny cars as shown in photo.
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Assortment D12
Assortment of chairs, highchairs and airplanes, metal.
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Assortment D13
Assortment of ducks and rabbits as shown in photo.
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Assortment D14
Assortment of bears and rabbits, slight seconds.
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Buses x 10 pink
10 Buses, with face on one end, each approx. 18mm long x 10mm high, in pink colour.
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Baby Assortment M1
Assortment of pieces as shown in photo.
1.99 1.75 Add To Order
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UK : 3.50

Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

Rest of the World : please request a shipping quote


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