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Coffee Bottles x 8
8 Bottles with assorted 'Frappaccino' labels, each approx. 27mm high.
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Glass Jars x 50 amber
50 Small glass jars (amber) with corks. Each jar is approx. 20mm high excluding cork, with base diameter of 10 mm.
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Tall Bottles x 4 assorted
4 Tall brown resin bottles, approx. 3cm high, 2 of each design.
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Bottles x 10 assorted
10 Resin bottles (solid) 5 red and 5 yellow colour as shown in photo, each approx. 2.5cm high.
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Jams x 10 assorted
10 Resin jams/marmalades in assorted colours and shapes. Approx. 13mm high.
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Soda Bottles x 10
10 Assorted resin soda bottles, each approx. 32mm high. A random assortment of colours which may vary slightly from photo.
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Bottles x 9 assorted
9 Assorted resin bottles, colours/labels may vary from that shown. approx. 2 to 3cm high.
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Coffee Bottles x 4
4 Bottles with Frappaccino' labels, each approx. 27mm high.
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Bottles x 10
10 Resin whiskey bottles each approx. 3cm high.
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Jars x 5 square
5 Glass jars with removable corks, each approx. 2.5cm high excluding cork.
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Beer Bottles x 5 (B)
5 Resin beer bottles, each approx. 3cm high.
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Teapot Orange
Orange shaped teapot with removable lid, approx. 3cm wide x 2cm high overall.
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Trowels x 10 (S)
10 Small metal trowels finished in a silver colour, approx. 30mm long overall.
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Trees x 10 green assorted
10 Trees in assorted greens, each approx. 7.5cm high overall. Plastic with flocking.
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Hammers x 10
10 Metal hammers, each approx. 2.5cm long.
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