Living Room

S/15 Stork Scissors
15 Metal scissors in traditional stork shape, non opening, measuring approx. 2.5 cms overall. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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10 pairs of small scissors each approx. 16mm long, in fixed position. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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2 Bird Cages
2 Tiny cages in a shiny gold colour, each approx. 20mm high overall x 10mm wide. NB the cages have no base ie open at the bottom as shown in photo.
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3 Head with Antlers
3 Antlers/Stag heads, made from metal and measuring approx. 51 x 38 mm. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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S/3 Round Vases
3 Round resin vases, in 3 different colours, each approx. 25 mm high x 21 mm wide at widest point. NOW REDUCED!
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2 Round Vases as shown in the photo.
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4 Assorted Pictures
4 Assorted pictures with gold coloured frames. As a guide to size the oblong one measures 2.5 x 2 cms. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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3 Porcelain vases approx. 2.5 cms high. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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Pink porcelain jardiniere - top and bottom are separate - overall height is approx. 7.5 cms. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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Small Gramophone
Small gramophone, made from metal/resin, measuring approx. 3 cms x 3 cms. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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S/20 Tiny Alarm Clocks (G)
20 Metal clocks in bright gold colour, approx. 15 x 12 mm. These do not stand own so would need a little gripwax or similar. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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S/15 Tiny Alarm Clocks
15 Tiny metal clocks, measuring approx. 15 x 12 mm. NB These do not stand on their own so would need a little gripwax or similar. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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Tall mirror with ornate gold colour resin frame, measuring approx. 10.5 x 5.5 cms. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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Small Picture
Small flower picture, resin frame measuring approx. 35 x 27mm. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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Metal telephone finished in black and measuring approx. 15mm long x 10mm wide. REDUCED TO CLEAR!
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