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Swords x 10 assorted (B)
10 Assorted metal swords and daggers as shown, in antique bronze and silver colours, measuring from approx. 2.5cm to 9cm.
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Wooden stool, approx. 3cm high x 2.5cm diameter across the seat.
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Hall Table
Hall table with drawer in unfinished wood, approx. 12cm wide measured at the back x 7.5cm high and 4cm deep.
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Telephone pink
Metal telephone finished in pink and measuring approx. 1cm wide x 1.5cm deep.
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Telephone white
Metal telephone finished in white and measuring approx. 1cm wide x 1.5m deep.
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Telephone red
Metal telephone finished in red and measuring approx. 1cm wide x 1.5m deep.
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Telephone antique style (B)
Metal telephone in black, measuring approx. 3 cm high x 3cm wide overall.
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Birdcage metal
Metal birdcage with hanging hook and door which can be opened with some fiddling (!) approx. 3.5cm high excluding hook.
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Telephone black
Metal telephone finished in black and measuring approx. 1cm wide x 1.5cm deep.
1.75 1.35 Out Of Stock
Paintbox with paints, wooden box measures approx. 2.5 x 2cm.
3.18 2.99 Out Of Stock
Swords/daggers x 10 assorted
10 Assorted swords/daggers in dark bronze and antique silver colours, approx. 2.5 to 8.5cm long.
4.25 3.99 Out Of Stock
Sewing Box
Wooden sewing box, approx. 33 x 2mm x 20mm high, with opening drawer and contents (fixed).
4.99 4.10 Out Of Stock
Gramophone small
Small metal gramophone measuring approx. 3.5 cms high x 3 x 1.5 cms.
1.99 1.49 Out Of Stock
Desk Fan
Metal desk fan measuring approx. 4cm high. LAST ONE!
4.49 1.99 Out Of Stock
Scissors x 20 (G)
20 Metal scissors in a gold colour, non opening and measuring approx. 25mm long.
1.99 1.45 Out Of Stock
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