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Domes, Frames, Doll stands & more

Frames x 8 tiny tulips
8 Tiny gold coloured 12mm metal frames with assorted convex tulip pictures.
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Round frames
10 Metal round frames finished in antique gold colour, each approx. 2.5cm across overall, 20mm inside.
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Frames x 5 square tiny
5 Tiny metal frames each approx. 17 x 17mm excluding ring at the top, finished in antique silver colour.
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Picture Frame (L)
Large metal picture frame approx. 6 x 4.5cm, finished in a silver colour, with flat back.
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Cameos x 25 assorted
25 Small resin cameos in a random assortment of colours, each approx. 17 x 13mm.
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Cameos x 25 blue
25 Small resin cameos in blue, each approx. 17 x 13mm.
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Birds x 2 tiny
2 Tiny metal birds in 2 assorted colours, each approx. 16mm long x 8mm high including the hanging ring at the top.
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Locket Frame medium
Locket/frame approx. 35mm wide (when opened flat) x 22mm high in antique bronze colour.
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Opening hamper measuring approx. 6.5 x 4.5, x 3.5cm high.
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Hamper small
Small opening hamper measuring approx. 4 x 3 cm, x 2.5cm high.
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Baskets x 4 assorted
4 Plastic baskets in colours as shown, each approx. 4.8cm diameter across the top x 15mm high.
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Mats x 4 tiny
4 Tiny woven mats each approx. 8 x 4.5cm in 4 assorted colours as shown.
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Mats x 2
2 Mats, one with 'welcome' for front door and one plain for back door maybe, each approx. 6 x 4cm, made from thick felt.
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Mats x 3 assorted
3 Rugs, the oval mat measures 10 x 7cms, smaller ones approx. 6 x 3.5 cms.
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Ribbon patterned
1 metre length of woven patterned ribbon, approx. 5cm wide, for stair carpets, runners, chair seat cushions etc.
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Europe : 6.50 to 8.50

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